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Canoe plans to varnish and everything in-between. NWC stocks the supplies for your strip-built boat.

    Canoe Strips - Western Red Cedar
    Canoe Strips - Northern White CedarCanoe Strips - Sitka SpruceCanoe Strips - Western Red Cedar

    Straight grained and workable. Pale white to gold hues

    Incredible stiffness to weight ratio. 

    Long-time favorite for handcrafting a canoe or kayak




    MAS Low Viscosity Resin Fiberglass Cloth
    MAS Low Viscosity Resin SytemMAS 2:1 Calibrated PumpFiberglass Cloth

    An easy-flowing reliable epoxy system with low drip and no blush

    This 2:1 calibrated pump set from MAS is the acessory you want accurately dispensing MAS Low Viscosity epoxy system.

    Fiberglass cloth, the performance fabric reinforcements for strip or stitch 'n glue wooden boats




    ProBuild Marine Epoxy System ProBuild Qt/Gal Unit Pump Kit MAS Penetrating Epoxy Sealer
    ProBuild Marine Epoxy SystemProBuild Qt/Gal Unit Pump KitMAS Penetrating Epoxy Sealer

    Convenient, easy-to-use, epoxy system developed solely for building, repairing or restoring any type of marine vessel

    Precision metered two-pump set ensures you get the correct resin to hardener ratio

    Penetrates deep into rotten or damaged wood, restoring structure and providing a solid base for additional repairs




    MAS Gluezilla Wood Flour Cabosil
    MAS GluezillaWood FlourCabosil

    Translucent paste epoxy in an easy-to-use, caulk cartridge. Perfect for your canoe building and repair needs.

    MAS Wood Flour acts as a thickening agent when mixed with epoxy

    Remeber to have a thickening agent on hand




    MAS Phenolic Micro Balloons
    MAS Phenolic Micro Balloons

    Light-weight, low-density filler to mix with epoxy



    Cedar strips, epoxy, fiberglass... everything to build a canoe, canoe parts and repair kits to keep your favorite craft afloat, plus paddling gear and packs for you to get out there. Not a franchise-chain, gorilla-size box-store, just one genuine family owned canoe shop. Thanks for choosing NorthWest Canoe for your canoeing needs.

    FREE FREIGHT in the Lower '48 on orders of $100 or more (excludes oversize items, i.e., canoe strips and full length gunwales, Alaska and Hawaii). A low everyday flat rate of $12.99 applies to web or phone orders up to $99. And now a $275 nationwide rate for oversize items, call (844) NWC-0192 for details.