Cedar Strips

For centuries boat builders have chosen cedars and with good reason. NorthWest Canoe cuts and stocks square-edge 1/4" x 3/4" cedar strips. We start with clear vertical-grain boards, processing on our multi-blade saw to provide you the best boat strips available. With the exception of a Wee Lassie or Grand Laker most canoe designs require about 1200 lineal feet of strips, $500-to-600, roughly half the material expense of your handcrafted canoe.

  • Strips are sold by the lineal foot
  • Minimum order quantity is 250 LF
  • Enter multiple line items to purcahse more than 1,000 LF (sorry that's the web wizard, not our doing)
  • Boat-length, 17-to-20 foot Western Red strips, call us to arrange pick-up or shipment via common carrier
  • UPS-able strips, 7-to-8 foot lengths, either species qualify for FREE SHIPPING

Western Red Cedar Light weight, very workable species. The grain is uniform and straight. Heartwood turns chocolaty-brown on a finished canoe, sapwood a pale reddish-white. WRC weighs about 23 lbs cu/ft. 

Northern White Cedar A fragrant cedar, straight grained and workable. The finished color ranges form pale white to gold. Northern White Cedar makes a striking compliment used in conjunction with red cedar. Weighs about 21 lbs cu/ft. Mid-continent trees do not grow as tall as costal trees, only availabe 7-to-8 foot.


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