Royalex Repair Kit

Royalex Repair Kit
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A flexible epoxy resin system makes our Royalex Repair Kit perfect for repairing ABS hulls. The new ProBond resin system provides flex, elasticity, elongation... whatever name you want to use, mimicking the physical properties of your vinyl-skinned ABS canoe hull.

Field-tested, or shall we say whitewater tested for an entire paddling season, our Roylex canoe repairs held up beautifully. You can duplicate our in-shop repairs using the same ProBond resin, fiberglass and peel-ply included in the Kit.

The convenient one-to-one mix epoxy yields a neutral-color trowlable paste. Use it alone as adhesive. Use it to wet-out a fiberglass reinforcement patch. Add the thickening agent and use it as filler. The NWC Royalex Repair Kit contains enough material to repair a canoe riddled with frost cracks or one buried in a snowbank then rediscovered with a two-stage Toro.

Kit Includes:
  • Quarter Pint Resin - Part A / Quarter Pint Hardener - Part B
  • Cabosil thickening agent
  • Two sq.ft. of 6 oz. fiberglass cloth
  • Two sq.ft. peel-ply
  • Flexible spreader
  • Disposable gloves
  • Sandpaper
  • How to instruction guide
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