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Epifanes Clear Varnish Epifanes Teak Oil Sealer
Epifanes Clear VarnishEpifanes Teak Oil SealerEpifanes Rapidclear

Ask anyone who has ever used Epifanes High Gloss Varnish and you will learn why it is considered to world’s best spar varnish.

Ideal for wood gunwales on your canoe

Quick and easy wood protection without the hassle of sanding between coats




Supermarine Revolution Epifanes Rapidcoat
Supermarine RevolutionEpifanes RapidcoatLeveling Thinner - Revolution

A revolution in modern marine coatings. Single stage (no-mix) formula produces a remarkably attractive finish.

Easy protection for your canoe or kayak without the hassle of sanding between coats

A must have blend of solvents for applying Revolution varnish




Epifanes Brush Thinner For One-Part Varnishes Supermarine Ironsides Epifanes Polyurethane Clear
Epifanes Brush Thinner For One-Part VarnishesSupermarine Ironsides Epifanes Polyurethane Clear

Pure-clear spirit formulated for thinning Epifanes one-part varnishes

A high solid two-component acrylic urethane specifically formulated to provide superior performance above or below the waterline

Choose Epifanes Polyurethane Clear for an outstanding finish coat on your canoe or kayak




Synthetic Thinner - Ironsides Epifanes Polyurethane Thinner - Brush
Synthetic Thinner - IronsidesEpifanes Polyurethane Thinner - Brush

Quick-dry synthetic thinner for use with Ironsides two-part urethane

Brush thinner specially designed for Epifanes two-part polyurethane varnish