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    Skid Plate Kit - Tandem / Universal Skid Plate Kit - LiveryTough Skid Plate Kit - Solo / Composite
    Skid Plate Kit - Tandem / UniversalSkid Plate Kit - LiveryTough Skid Plate Kit - Solo / Composite

    Skid plates ad impact and abrasion resistance to your canoe

    Get the super-sized skid plates you see on rental canoes

    Designed for fine entry fiberglass, Kevlar amd carbon composite canoes




    Royalex Repair Kit Composite Repair Kit Gel Coat Repair Kit
    Royalex Repair KitComposite Repair KitGel Coat Repair Kit

    Use our Royalex Repair Kit to seal and reinforce cracks, gouges or punctures

    Fix fractures in your fiberglass or Kevlar composite hull with a NWC Composite Repair Kit

    Fix deep gel coat scratches, nicks and gouges and get professional looking results




    Watco Gunwale & Trim Care 3M Marine Color / Gloss Restorer 303 Aerospace Protectant
    Watco Gunwale & Trim Care3M Marine Color / Gloss Restorer303 Aerospace Protectant

    Protect and enhance that beautiful wood trim on your boat.

    Resurrect the shine of your canoe's gelcoat

    Keep your red boat red. Prevent sun-fade and brittle boats with 303 Aerospace Protectant. It's SPF-40... put it on all your stuff.




    Epifanes Teak Oil Sealer Dispensing Gun - Single Cartridge MAS Gluezilla
    Epifanes Teak Oil SealerDispensing Gun - Single CartridgeMAS Gluezilla

    Ideal for wood gunwales on your canoe

    A great companion tool for our Royales Repair Kit

    Translucent paste epoxy in an easy-to-use, caulk cartridge. Perfect for your canoe building and repair needs.




    MAS Penetrating Epoxy Sealer NWC Logo TieDown Strap
    MAS Penetrating Epoxy SealerNWC Logo TieDown Strap

    Penetrates deep into rotten or damaged wood, restoring structure and providing a solid base for additional repairs

    Secure your canoe or kayak with NWC straps