Canoe Strips - Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce - incredible stiffness to weight ratio. Sitka Spruce offers fine, even texture and consistently straight grain. Color is consistent too, a nice creamy shade, at times bordering on pale pink. Strips will feel stiffer than cedars, but still easy to work around your forms. It planes and holds staples quite nicely. Slightly heavier than the other species we offer, it comes at about 27 lbs. cu./ft.

Boat builders treasure this wood for masts and spars because of its exceptional strength. But you'll find it in everything form airplanes to guitar tops... oh, and did we mention we use a lot of it on our North Canoes. Check out the photos of the Hugh Davidson on our Facebook page.

NorthWest Canoe cuts and stocks square-edge 1/4" x 3/4" cedar strips. We start with clear vertical-grain boards, processing on our multi-blade saw to provide you the best boat strips available. One-thousand lineal feet, give or take, will build most anything except a Wee Lassie or Grand Laker. 

  • Strips are sold by the lineal foot, place multiples of 250 LF (minimum qunatity) in your cart
  • Or, select one of our NWC canoe designs
  • Boat-length, 16-to-20 foot lengths not available in Northern White Cedar, choose your shipping option below
  • Shorts, 6-to-8 foot lengths qualify for FREE SHIPPING, with only a $20 handling charge 


Our flat-rate $275 nationwide shipping & handling covers 
shipment to the FedEx freight terminal closest to you.
Call 844-NWC-0192 for details.

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