Contour Canoe Seats

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Contour canoe seats spell all-day comfort. Lightweight and durable, the contour seat echoes the canoe's curves. Choose from traditional looking cane or durable black web seat material. The rails [raw side-to-side length] for the standard contour measure 32 inches, 8-to-8¼ inch hanger bolt spacing. The 32 inch seat works for bow or stern positions. Now you can add a matching center contour seat. Select the 40" option.

Tip: if you're replacing a seat, pull the old seat, hold it face to face against the new seat for a pattern to cut and drill the replacement.

Cane option sold-out for 2017 season, will return spring 2018. Please select the web option for shipment if you need contour canoe seats now. Cane and web priced the same at NorthWest Canoe.

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Price $44.95

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