Supermarine Revolution

Supermarine Revolution
  • Item #: SM1000

Choose Revolution to achieve an exceptionally smooth, long lasting finish on any marine surface above or below the waterline. Submersible for more than 40 years. Performance and value make Revolution a compelling choice for the finish coat on your handcrafted canoe or kayak.

May be wet sanded and buffed. Acceptable for brush, roll or spray applications. Dry to the touch in 1 hour, recoatable in 6-12 hours - temperature dependant. Dries hard in 24 hours. Sand between coats after 48 hours. See label and application instructions for further information. Available in gloss and satin. Custom colors available on request.

Recommendations: apply two or more thin coats at 2 mils max WFT to achieve a minimum DFT of 3.4 mils. Brush: recommend natural bristle brushes. Roller: Recommend high quality dense foam roller covers. Spray: Recommend small-medium size tip.

Thinner: All applications will require 10-20% dilution; Use (SM-101 Leveling Thinner) do not substitute.


NEW! Colors now in-stock, gloss finish only

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