Ash Gunwales - Knockdown Kit

Start with a full set of four ash gunwales, two to use for inwales, two for outwales. Same Mad River profile as our full length gunwales. Each stick comes in three pieces, containing two 6-inch long scarf joints. Assemble the marked, grain matched joints with the included epoxy and you're back to the original length of eighteen or twenty foot length. All four gunwales in the set have a flat back, making a universal sandwich-the-hull installation on any canoe up to seventeen feet. 

If you're handy with a screwdriver and like to hang out in the garage, this is a canoe repair project for you. Not sure? Take a look at our wood gunwale installation tips.

Common carrier freight for an extreme length package often cost $300 or more. The NWC Knockdown Gunwale System answers extreme freight with free freight. Designed to ship UPS, let NWC put a Knockdown Gunwale System on your doorstep with our free freight in the lower 48 policy.



We normally recommend replacing all four gunwales.
If the canoe has been stored outside,the wood is
several years old... do it right, replace all.
For that two-year old canoe the tree fell across,
snapping only one gunwale, now you can
choose the singles option.

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Price $219.95

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